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    Peak of Ship Delivery

    2015/11/19      view:
    The Company meets the first delivery season in this Fall. Two container ships of 8800 TEU, two bulk carriers of 58,500 DWTs and one bulk carrier of 64,000 DWT have been successively delivered in September with a total tonnage of 402,600 deadweight tons. This is the first peak of delivery since the company resumed production after the financial crisis. According to the construction schedule, it is expected to deliver 19 ships with a total tonnage of 1.73425 million deadweight tons this year. 12 ships with a total tonnage of 1.13625 million deadweight tons have been completed for delivery by the end of September.

    On September 2nd and 14th, No.5 and No.6 8800 TEU Container Ships were named and delivered respectively. On September 18, the naming ceremony for No.1 and No.2 58,500 DWT Bulk Carriers and the delivery ceremony for No.1 58,500 DWT Bulk Carrier was held ceremoniously. On September 28th, No.2 58,500 DWT Bulk Carrier was formally delivered to the ship-owner. On September 25th, naming ceremony of No.3 58,500 DWT Bulk Carrier was held at the wharf of eastern part of NCS and was delivered to the owner on September 29th.